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Composer: Arthur Sullivan
Description: a sailor on the Pinafore, in love with Josephine
Voice Part: tenor
Vocal Fach: lyric tenor
The nightingale...A maiden fair to see - from Act I. Range: 3G - 4A    Extras: Libretto entered by MIDI version by MIDI version by The Ultimate Tenor Aria Album (Version 2.0) by   -
The nightingale...A maiden fair, Ralph's aria from HMS Pinafore

The Nightingale
Sighed for the moon's bright ray
And told his tale
In his own melodious way!
He sang "Ah, well-a-day!"

The lowly vale
For the mountain vainly sighed,
To his humble wail
The echoing hills replied.
They sang "Ah, well-a-day!"

I know the value of a kindly chorus,
But choruses yield little consolation
When we have pain and sorrow too before us!
I love -- and love, alas, above my station!

A maiden fair to see,
The pearl of minstrelsy,
A bud of blushing beauty;
For whom proud nobles sigh,
And with each other vie
To do her menial's duty.

A suitor, lowly born,
With hopeless passion torn,
And poor beyond denying,
Has dared for her to pine
At whose exalted shrine
A world of wealth is sighing.

Unlearned he in aught
Save that which love has taught
(For love had been his tutor);
Oh, pity, pity me--
Our captain's daughter she,
And I that lowly suitor!
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