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Composer: Giacomo Puccini
Librettist: Guelfo Civinini, and Carlo Zangarini
Language: Italian
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti: not entered
Minnie (soprano), the owner of The Polka Saloon
Nick (tenor), the bartender of The Polka Saloon
Jack Rance (baritone), the sheriff
Dick Johnson aka Ramerrez (tenor), a bandit on the run disguised as Dick Johnson
Ashby (bass), an agent of the Wells-Fargo Transport Company
Sonora (baritone), a miner
Trin (tenor), a miner
Sid (baritone), a miner
Handsome (baritone), a miner
Harry (tenor), a miner
Joe (tenor), a miner
Happy (baritone), a miner
Larkens (bass), a miner
Billy Jackrabbit (bass), an Indian married to Wowkle
Wowkle (mezzo-soprano), an Indian married to Billy Jackrabbit
Jake Wallace (baritone), a traveling ballad singer
Jose Castro (bass), a outlaw in Ramerrez's band
Minnie, dallla mia casa - Jack Rance (baritone)
Laggiù nel Soledad - Minnie (soprano)
Oh, se sapeste - Minnie (soprano)
Or son sei mesi - Dick Johnson aka Ramerrez (tenor)
Ch'ella mì creda libero - Dick Johnson aka Ramerrez (tenor)
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