Okay, for those of you who have used the Aria Database frequently, you already know this information because you have observed it over time. But, I feel like I should post it officially: the Aria Database for all intents and purposes is and has been for some time essentially a static non-updated website. In other words, there is nothing new on the Aria Database and there isn’t likely to be anything new.

Why is this? It is due to the fact that I honestly don’t have any time to devote to the Aria Database. From time to time (especially in the summer), I may get enough time together to make some changes to some aspect of the database, but realistically, I just don’t foresee it happening on a regular basis. I appreciate all the people who have supported me in this effort over the last fifteen years and I will continue to keep the Database up and running as best I can, but there are no plans to add any new operas or any other data to the Database.

Also, I will not be answering email unless you let me know about a specific non-functioning part of the Database or the website.  Please let me know if something does break and I will try to fix it as soon as I can.  Thanks.