There are two main ways you can contribute to the Aria Database.

Contribute Your Money

The easiest way to contribute to the Aria Database is to donate money. Websites cost money to maintain and we would appreciate any money that you could donate to the website's general upkeep. We use PayPal to manage these donations. Click on the button below to start the donation process. Donations can be made using your PayPal account or, if you don't have a PayPal account, you may donate using a credit card.

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Contribute Your Shopping

If you do any sort of online shopping, consider going to some of those online vendors through The Aria Database. The Aria Database is an affiliate with both and, meaning that we receive a small commission for any sales that are made at either of these websites through The Aria Database. If you are buying anything from either of these two online vendors, you can make a donation to The Aria Database at no cost to you just by coming to The Aria Database first, clicking over to Amazon or Sheetmusicplus using one of our links to their website, and then doing your shopping. Below are links and search engines if you want to get started right away!

Contribute Your Time and Knowledge

Unfortunately at this time, any contributions to the information of the Aria Database will not be placed on the website. While we appreciate greatly that you would donate your time, the fact is that this website is not actively being updated. We apologize for not being able to accept your generous offers of help.

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