Please take a look through some of these frequently asked questions before contacting us.

How do I contribute material to the Database?

Check out the Contributions page. However, realize that we are not updating the Database actively at this time and most likely, your contribution of material will not be added to the Database. We apologize for this inconvenience.

What's the name of that song/aria from _______ (movie/commercial/etc)?

We don't mean to be rude, but unfortunately, we're not going to be able to help you. We feel that if we answer one of these questions, we have to answer them all. So, in interest of spending more time working on the website itself, we've decided to not answer any of them. These questions often involve a decent amount of research and we just don't have enough time in my day unfortunately. Besides, message boards and Wikipedia can do a much better job that we can of answering these questions!

Can I use information from the Aria Database in a program/supertitles presentation/CD liner notes/research paper/etc?

The general answer to this question is "yes" but we strongly encourage you to attribute where you found the information and who did the actual translating or research. For instance, a sample attribution for a translation of an aria would look like: "Translation by XXXXXX YYYYYY from the Aria Database (". The translations and sound files contributed to the Aria Database have not been licensed in any way to us - we use them by permission and unless you see otherwise in the entry for that translation or sound file, they remain the property of their creators so please think twice before using them commercially in any way. For aria information (almost all of which was written by one of us), you may feel free to use anything you want as long as you properly cite your usage just as you would information from a book or an article.

I am a contributor to the Database and my information needs to be updated. How do I correct it?

Honestly, it probably won't be corrected at this time because the Database is not actively being updated. You can let us know through the Contact page if it is really important to you and we will do our best to make the change. Thanks for your understanding.

I can't find _________ in the Database. When will you add it?

First of all, make sure that it isn't in the Database by searching with more basic terms or browsing through the Database by opera. If you are sure that it isn't in the Database, send us a note but realize that the Database is not being updated actively and new operas and arias are not being added.

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