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Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Librettist: Emanuel Schikaneder
Language: German
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti:
Translation into English by Lea Frey (added 2011-06-20)
Sarastro (bass), high priest of Isis and Osiris
Papageno (baritone), a birdcatcher
Monostatos (tenor), a Moor in the service of Sarastro, in charge of the temple slaves
Tamino (tenor), a young prince of Egypt
Papagena (soprano), a birdwomen and future mate of Papageno
Ladies-in-waiting (soprano/soprano/mezzo-soprano), ladies in waiting to the Queen of the Night
Orator (bass)
Two Men in Armor (tenor/bass)
Pamina (soprano), the daughter of the Queen of the Night
O zitt're nicht...Zum Leiden bin ich auserkoren - The Queen of the Night (soprano)
Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen - The Queen of the Night (soprano)
O wenn ich doch - Tamino (tenor)
Alles fühlt der Liebe Freuden - Monostatos (tenor)
Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja - Papageno (baritone)
Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen - Papageno (baritone)
O Isis und Osiris - Sarastro (bass)
In diesen heil'gen Hallen - Sarastro (bass)
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