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Opera: Rigoletto
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Description: Rigoletto's daughter
Voice Part: soprano
Vocal Fach: lyric coloratura
Caro nome - from Act I, Scene II. Range: 3B - 6C#/Db    Extras: Translation into English by MIDI version by Arias for Soprano by Robert Larsen - Robert Favorite Soprano Arias by Giuseppe Verdi - Giuseppe The Ultimate Soprano Aria Album (Version 2.0) by   - Verdi - Arias for Soprano Vol. 1 by Giuseppe Verdi - Giuseppe Aria Album for Soprano - Vol. 1 by Giuseppe Verdi - Giuseppe The Art of Joan Sutherland - Volume VII: Verdi Arias by Giuseppe Verdi - Giuseppe Prima Donna Cantolopera: Verdi Arias for Soprano by Giuseppe Verdi - Giuseppe
Tutte le feste al tempio - from Act II. Range: 4E - 5A    Extras: Translation into English by Favorite Soprano Arias by Giuseppe Verdi - Giuseppe
Caro nome, Gilda's aria from Rigoletto

Gualtier Maldè...nome di lui sì amato	Gualtier Maldè of my beloved,
scolpisciti nel core innamorato!	brand this loving heart!

Caro nome che il mio cor		Sweet name, you who made my heart
festi primo palpitar,			throb for the first time,
le delizie dell' amor			you must always remind me
mi dêi sempre rammentar!		the pleasures of love!
Col pensiero il mio desir		My desire will fly to you
a te ognora volerà,			on the wings of thought
e pur l' ultimo sospir,			and my last breath
caro nome, tuo sarà.			will be yours, my beloved.

Translation by Guia K. Monti
Tutte le feste al tempio, Gilda's aria from Rigoletto

Tutte le feste al tempio	On the blessed days
mentre pregava Iddio,		While praying to God,
bello e fatale un giovane	a handsome and charming youth
s' offerse al guardo mio...	caught my attention...
Se i labbri nostri tacquero	If our lips were silent
dagli occhi il cor parlò.	Our hearts spoke through our eyes.
Furtivo tra le tenebre		Stealthy in the darkness
sol ieri a me giungeva...	he came only yesterday...
son studente, povero,		I am a student, penniless,
commosso mi diceva,		he told me, touched,
e con ardente palpito		and with ardent fire
amor mi protestò.		he proffered me love.
Partì mio core aprivasi	He heart was opening up
a speme più gradita,		to a most welcome hope,
quando improvviso apparvero	when suddenly appeared
color che m' han rapita,	the men who took me,
e a forza qui m' addussero	and they dragged me here
nell' ansia più crudel.		while I fretted with anxiety.

Translated by Guia K. Monti

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