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Composer: Vincenzo Bellini
Librettist: Count Carlo Pepoli
Language: Italian
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti: not entered
Lord Arturo Talbot (tenor), a Cavalier, in love with Elvira
Sir Riccardo Forth (baritone), a Puritan, a suitor of Elvira
Sir Bruno Robertson (tenor), a Puritan
Lord Gualterio Walton (bass), a Puritan, brother of Giorgio Walton, father of Elvira
Sir Giorgio Walton (bass), a Puritan, brother of Lord Gualterio Walton
Elvira Walton (soprano), the daughter of Lord Walton
Queen Enrichetta (soprano), the widow of Charles I of France
A te, o cara, amor talora - Lord Arturo Talbot (tenor)
Ah!, per sempre...Bel sogno beato - Sir Riccardo Forth (baritone)
Cinta di fiori - Sir Giorgio Walton (bass)
Sprezzo, audace, il tuo furore - Lord Arturo Talbot (tenor)
Qui la voce...Vien, diletto - Elvira Walton (soprano)
Son vergin vezzosa - Elvira Walton (soprano)
Vieni, vieni fra questa braccia - Lord Arturo Talbot (tenor)
Ferma! Invan, invan rapir pretendi - Sir Riccardo Forth (baritone)
Credeasi, misera - Lord Arturo Talbot (tenor)
Synopsis: not entered
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