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from Act III of the Italian opera I Puritani by Vincenzo Bellini
Libretto: Count Carlo Pepoli

Role: Lord Arturo Talbot, a Cavalier, in love with Elvira
Voice Part: tenor       Fach: tenor leggiero
Setting: a terrace in a wooded park near Elvira's dwelling place, Plymouth, England, during the English Civil War (1649)
Synopsis: Arturo declares he will be happy to die with Elvira. The more vengeful Roundheads demand his execution. Arturo bids "addio" to Elvira one last time, and asks his enemies to control their anger while in the presence of his beloved Elvira, for she is weakened.
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Jon Loy (added 1999-02-17)
Credeasi, misera, Arturo's aria from I Puritani

Credeasi, misera! da me tradita, 	The poor girl believed I had betrayed her, 
traea sua vita in tal martir! 		her life was led in that suffering. 
Or sfido i fulmini, disprezzo il fato, 	I deny the blows of fate at my side, 
Se teco allato potro morir! 		Even if I must die with you!

Elvira! Teco io sono! 			Elvira! I'm with you! 
Oh, un amplesso! 			Embrace me! 
Ah, un addio! 				Farewell! 
Arrestate, vi scostate 			Stop! Stand back 

Crudeli, crudeli! 			Cruel, cruel men! 
Ella e tremante, 			She is trembling, 
ella e spirante; 			she is dying. 
anime perfide 				Perfidious souls 
sorde a pieta! 				deaf to pity!

Un solo istante, 			For one single instant 
ah, l'ira frenate			ah, restrain your wrath; 
poscia saziate 				then you may statiate yourselves 
di crudelta! 				with cruelty!

Translation by Jon Loy (
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