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Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: John Latouche
Language: English
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti: not entered
Horace Tabor (baritone), mayor of Leadville and owner of the Matchless Mine, married to Augusta
Augusta Tabor (mezzo-soprano), wife of Horace Tabor
Elizabeth Doe (Baby Doe) (soprano), the wife of a miner, Harvey Doe
Mama McCourt (contralto|mezzo-soprano), Baby Doe's mother
William Jennings Bryan (bass-baritone), candidate for President
Chester A. Arthur (tenor), President of the United States
Father Chapelle (tenor), priest at the wedding
Bouncer (baritone)
Albert (baritone), a bellboy
A footman (baritone)
Sarah (soprano), old friend of Augusta
Mary (soprano), old friend of Augusta
Emily (mezzo-soprano), old friend of Augusta
Effie (mezzo-soprano), old friend of Augusta
San (tenor), associate of Tabor
Bushy (tenor), associate of Tabor
Barney (baritone), associate of Tabor
Jacob (baritone), associate of Tabor
Kate (soprano), dance hall entertainer
Elizabeth (soprano), daughter of Horace and Baby Doe Tabor, age 12
Silver Dollar (mute), daughter of Horace and Baby Doe Tabor, age 7
Meg (mezzo-soprano), dance hall entertainer
Silver Dollar (mezzo-soprano), daughter of Horace and Baby Doe Tabor, grown up
Samantha (mezzo-soprano), a maid
Willow Song (Willow where we met together) - Elizabeth Doe (Baby Doe) (soprano)
Warm as the autumn light - Horace Tabor (baritone)
Letter Song (Dearest Mama) - Elizabeth Doe (Baby Doe) (soprano)
SIlver Aria (Gold is a fine thing) - Elizabeth Doe (Baby Doe) (soprano)
The fine ladies walk with their heads - Elizabeth Doe (Baby Doe) (soprano)
Turn tail and run then - Horace Tabor (baritone)
Augusta! How can you turn away? - Augusta Tabor (mezzo-soprano)
Always through the changing of sun and shadow - Elizabeth Doe (Baby Doe) (soprano)
Synopsis: not entered
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