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from Act I, Scene I of the Italian opera Oberto, Conte di San Bonifacio by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Antonio Piazza

Role: Leonora, daughter of Oberto
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: dramatic soprano
Setting: the countryside with the castle of Ezzelino da Ramano in the background
Synopsis: Before the aria, Leonora summarizes her story in recitative and arioso. While her father was at war with both Ezzelino da Ramano and the Count of Salinguerra, she stayed at home in her father's castle. Under a false name, Riccardo, the Count of Salinguerra, met her and eventually seduced her by promising to marry her. Of course, he didn't marry her and instead betrayed her. She sings about loving and being betrayed by her "angel of beauty".
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by Stephen Parker (added 1998-08-13)
Sotto il paterno tetto, Leonora's aria from Oberto

Sotto il paterno tetto
un angiol m'apparia
radiante nell'aspetto
d'amore e di beltà.
Di speme a me nudria
il core innamorato . . .
Ah! Mi tradi l'ingrato,
tolto ogni gioia ei m'ha.
Oh, potessi nel mio core
soffocar l'immenso amore!
D'innocenza al primo giorno,
oh, potessi ritornar!
Io sognavo allor Cherùbi
su dorate e bianche nubi;
ora i triboli e lo scorno,
ora il pianto e il sospirar.
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