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Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Description: Alfredo's father
Voice Part: baritone
Vocal Fach: lyric baritone
Di Provenza il mar - from Act II.    Extras: Translation into English by MIDI version by Anthology of Italian Opera - Baritone by   -
Di Provenza il mar, Germont's aria from La Traviata

Di Provenza il mar, il suol	The sea and soil of Provence --
chi dal cor ti cancello?	who has erased them from your heart?
Al natio fulgente sol		From your native, fulsome sun --
qual destino ti furo'?		what destiny stole you away?
Oh, rammenta pur nel duol	Oh, remember in your sorrow
ch'ivi gioia a te brillo';	that joy glowed on you,
E che pace cola' sol		and that only there peace
su te splendere ancor puo'.	can yet shine upon you.
Dio mi guidò!			Gox has guided me!
Ah! il tuo vecchio genitor	Ah, your old father --
tu non sai quanto soffrì!	You don't know how much he has suffered!
Te lontano, di squallor		With you far away, with misery
il suo tetto si coprì.		has his house become full.
Ma se alfin ti trovo ancor,	But if in the end I find you again,
se in me speme non fallì,	if hope did not fail within me,
Se la voce dell'onor		if the voice of honor
in te appien non ammutì,	didn't become silenced in you,
Dio m'esaudi'!			God has heard me!

Translation by Jonathan H. Ward (
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