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from Act II, Scene 2 of the Italian opera Turandot by Giacomo Puccini
Libretto: Giuseppe Adami

Role: Turandot, Princess of China
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: dramatic soprano
Setting: The square in front of the palace
Synopsis: Turandot warns Calaf of the danger of the deadly game of riddles he proposes to win her hand in marriage. She explains to him that the game is designed to avenge her ancestress, who was killed when a warlord conquered her country. Now, Turandot's self-devised game has settled the score.
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Rebecca Burstein (added 2000-09-15)
In questa reggia, Turandot's aria from Turandot

In questa reggia, or son mill’anni e mille,	In this palace, thousands of years ago,
un grido disperato risonò.			a desperate cry rang out.
E quel grido, traverso stirpe e stirpe		And that cry, passing down the generations
qui nell’anima mia si rifugiò!			found refuge here in my soul!
Principessa Lo-u-Ling,				Princess Lo-u-Ling,
ava dolce e serena che regnavi			sweet and serene ancestress, you who reigned 
nel tuo cupo silenzio in gioia pura,		in your deep silence in pure joy
e sfidasti inflessibile e sicura		and defied, unyielding and confident,
l’aspro dominio,				the harsh domination (of men),
oggi rivivi in me!				today you live again in me!

(Fu quando il Re dei Tartari			(It was when the King of the Tartars
le sette sue bandiere dispiegò.)		unfurled his seven banners.)

Pure nel tempo che ciascun ricorda,		And yet in the time that everyone remembers,
fu sgomento e terrore e rombo d’armi.		there was dismay and terror and the roar of arms.
Il regno vinto! Il regno vinto!			The kingdom was conquered!
E Lo-u-Ling, la mia ava, trascinata		And Lo-u-Ling, my ancestress, dragged away
da un uom come te, come te			by a man like you, like you,
straniero, là nella notte atroce		stranger, there in the terrible night
dove si spense la sua fresca voce!		where her young voice was stifled!

(Da secoli ella dorme				(For ages she has slept
nella sua tomba enorme.)			in her vast tomb.)

O Principi, che a lunghe carovane		O Princes, who in long caravans
d’ogni parte del mondo				from every part of the world
qui venite a gettar la vostra sorte,		come here to try your fortune,
io vendico su voi, su voi			I avenge upon you, upon you
quella purezza, quel grido e quella morte!	that purity, that cry and that death!
Mai nessun m’avrà!				No man will ever possess me!
L’orror di chi l’uccise				Horror of the man who killed her
vivo nel cuor mi sta.				remains alive in my heart.
No, no! Mai nessun m’avrà!			No, no! No man will ever possess me!
Ah, rinasce in me l’orgoglio			Ah, in me is reborn the pride
di tanta purità!				of such great chastity!
Straniero! Non tentar la fortuna!		Stranger! Do not tempt fortune!
Gli enigmi sono tre, la morte una!		The riddles are three, death is one!

Translation by Rebecca Burstein (
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