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Opera: Ernani
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Description: a Spanish grandee
Voice Part: bass
Vocal Fach: lyric bass
Infelice!..e tuo credevi - from Act I, Scene 2. Range: 2G - 4F    Extras: Translation into English by
Infelice!... e tuo credevi, Silva's aria from Ernani

Che mai vegg'io!			What do I see here?
Nel penetral piu scuro			In the most private part of my house,
Di mia magione, presso a lei che sposa	With the one who was to be my bride,
Due seduttori io scorga?		Two seducers I find.

Entrate, ola miei fidi cavalieri,	My faithful courtiers, come see!
Sia ognuno testimon del disonore,	Let each of you witness the dishonor,
Dell'onta che si reca al suo signore	The shame that has befallen your lord.

Infelice!... e tuo credevi 		Poor fool! You believed
sì bel giglio immacolato!... 		Her to be pure as a lily!
Del tuo crine fra le nevi 		As snowy white falls on your hair,
piomba invece il disonor. 		So falls dishonor upon your head.
Ah! perché l'etade in seno 		Oh why, oh why, at my age
giovin core m'ha serbato! 		Must I retain a youthful heart?
Mi dovevan gli anni almeno 		Would that my years could have
far di gelo ancora il cor.		Turned my heart to ice.

Translation copyright ©1999 by Mark D. Lew ( 
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