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from Act III of the Italian opera Ernani by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Francesco Maria Piave

Role: Don Carlo, the King of Spain
Voice Part: baritone       Fach: dramatic baritone
Setting: An underground vault holding the tomb of Charlemagne, Aix-la-Chapelle, 1519
Synopsis: Waiting to expose a conspiracy to murder him, Don Carlo sings to the tomb of Charlemagne of the glories and the vanities of the world.
Range: Tessitura:
D#/Eb3 - F#/Gb4G#/Ab3 - D#/Eb4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by G. Christen (added 1997-04-12)
Oh, de' verd'anni miei, Carlo's aria from Ernani

Oh, de' verd'anni miei 
sogni e bugiarde larve, 
se troppo vi credei, 
I'incanto ora disparve. 
S'ora chiamato sono, 
al più sublime trono, 
della virtù com'aquila 
sui vanni m'alzerò, ah, 
e vincitor de' secoli 
il nome mio farò.
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