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from Act II (Act I in four-act version), Scene 2 of the Italian|French opera Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Joseph Méry

Role: Elisabeth of Valois, The Queen of Spain
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: spinto
Setting: At the gates of the cloisters of St-Just Monastery, Madrid, Spain, 1559
Synopsis: After Philip has sent the Countess Aremberg away for leaving the Queen unattended, Elizabeth tells her that, even though she is leaving Spain, she will never leave her heart. She asks the Countess to give her greetings to the Queen's homeland of France. She then gives her a parting present of a ring.
Range: Tessitura:
C4 - A#/Bb5F4 - A5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Guia Monti (added 1997-09-28). Notes: from Italian text
Non pianger, mia compagna,	Don't weep, my friend,
non pianger, no -		oh, don't weep - 
lenisci il tuo dolor.		soothe your pain.
Bandita sei di Spagna,		You are banned from Spain
ma non da questo cor.		but not from my heart.
Con te del viver mio		My youthful years
fu lieta l' alba ancor:		were happy, with you at my side :
ritorna al suol natìo,		return to the homeland,
ti seguirà il mio cor.		my heart will go with you.

		(She gives the Countess a ring)

Ricevi estremo pegno, un pegno	Receive a last token,
di tutto il mio favor;		a token of all my favour;
cela l' oltraggio indegno	hide the terrible offence received
onde arrosisco ancor.		for which I am still blushing.
Non dir del pianto mio		Don't tell I was weeping,
del crudo mio dolor;		don't disclose my deepest sorrow;
Ritorna al suol natìo,		return to the homeland,
coi voti del cor, del mio cor.	with my most heartfelt prayers.

Translated by Guia Monti (
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