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from Part II : The Man of the Cave, Scene I of the Italian opera I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Temistocle Solera

Role: Oronte, son of Acciano
Voice Part: tenor       Fach: spinto
Setting: a hall in Acciano's palace
Synopsis: Giselda, Arvino's daughter, has fallen into the hands of her father's enemy, Acciano. Oronte sees her and they fall in love with each other. He proceeds to lay out all his feelings for her in the first part of his aria. After he is warned by his mother that he will only be able to have her if he becomes a Christian, he states that he will become Christian for, as he sings in the cabaletta, if she believes in this god, he must be the true one. To him, she seems like an angel of purity and virtue.
Range: Tessitura:
E3 - A4G#/Ab3 - G#/Ab4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by Robert Glaubitz (added 1997-04-29)
La mia letizia infondere, Oronte's aria from I Lombardi

La mia letizia infondere
Vorrei nel suo bel core!
Vorrei destar co'palpiti
Del mio beato amore
Tante armonie nell'etere
Quanti pianeti egli ha:
Ag! ir seco al cielo, ed ergermi
Dove mortal non va.

Come poteva un angelo
Crear sì puro il cielo,
E agli occhi suoi non schiudere
Di verita de il velo?
Vieni, m'adducia lei,
Rischiari i sensi miei,
Vieni, e nel ver s 'acquetino
La dubbia mente e il cor!
Sheet Music/Scores:
Verdi, Giuseppe. Arias for Tenor. Published by Ricordi. Available at and
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