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Composer: Arthur Sullivan
Librettist: W.S. Gilbert
Language: English
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti: not entered
Ralph Rackstraw (tenor), a sailor on the Pinafore, in love with Josephine
Josephine (soprano), the daughter of the captain of the Pinafore, in love with Ralph, promised in marriage to Sir Joseph
Captain Corcoran (baritone), captain of the H.M.S. Pinafore, father of Josephine
Dick Deadeye (baritone), a deformed and despised sailor on the Pinafore
Bill Bobstay (baritone), boatswain of the Pinafore
Bob Becket (bass), carpenter on the Pinafore
Cousin Hebe (mezzo-soprano), first cousin of Sir Joseph
Little Buttercup (mezzo-soprano|contralto), a bumboat woman in love with Captain Corcoran
Sir Joseph (bass-baritone), first lord of the Admiralty
I'm called Little Buttercup - Little Buttercup (mezzo-soprano|contralto)
The nightingale...A maiden fair to see - Ralph Rackstraw (tenor)
I am the Captain of the Pinafore - Captain Corcoran (baritone)
Sorry her lot - Josephine (soprano)
When I was a lad - Sir Joseph (bass-baritone)
Fair moon, to thee I sing - Captain Corcoran (baritone)
The hours creep on apace - Josephine (soprano)
A many years ago - Little Buttercup (mezzo-soprano|contralto)
Synopsis: not entered
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