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from Act II of the English opera The Mikado by Arthur Sullivan
Libretto: W.S. Gilbert

Role: Yum-Yum
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: soubrette
Setting: Ko-ko's garden
Synopsis: While getting ready for her wedding to Nanki-Poo, Yum-Yum admires her own beauty.
Range: Tessitura:
D4 - G5not entered
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by Elise Curran (added 1998-10-04)
The sun, whose rays are all ablaze, Yum-yum's aria from The Mikado

The sun, whose rays are all ablaze with ever-living glory,
does not deny his majesty--he scorns to tell a story!
He don't exclaim, "I blush for shame, so kindly be indulgent";
but fierce and bold, in fiery gold, he glories all effulgent.

I mean to rule the earth, as he the sky--
We really know our worth, the sun and I!

Observe his flame, that placid dame, the moon's celestial highness;
There's not a trace upon her face of diffidence or shyness:
She borrows light, that, through the night, mankind may all acclaim her!
And, truth to tell, she lights up well;  So I, for one, don't blame her.

Ah, pray make no mistake, we are not shy;
We're very wide awake, the moon and I! 
Sheet Music/Scores:
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