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Come un'ape ne'giorni d'aprile - Cavatina with Chorus
from Act I, Scene 1 of the Italian opera La Cenerentola by Gioacchino Rossini
Libretto: Jacopo Ferretti

Role: Dandini, the valet of Don Ramiro
Voice Part: baritone       Fach: lyric baritone
Setting: The mansion of Don Magnifico
Synopsis: Dandini is disguised as his master, Prince Ramiro, in order to help his master investigate the marital possibilities at Don Magnifico's house. He sings that, although he has hopped like a bee from "flower" to "flower", he cannot find a woman who is special enough to be his wife. Meanwhile, he makes side remarks to Prince Ramiro (who is disguised as a courtier) about how well he is doing.
Range: Tessitura:
G#/Ab2 - F4D3 - F4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Ferdinando Boccazzi Varotto (added 2000-01-05)
Come un'ape ne' gioorni d'aprile, Dandini's aria from La Cenerentola

Come un'ape ne' giorni d'aprile		Like a bee that in April days
Va volando leggiera, e scherzosa;	flies lightly and joyful
Corre al giglio, poi salta alla rosa,	runs to the lily, then jumps to the rose
Dolce un fiore a cercare per se;	looking for a sweet flower
Tra la belle m'aggiro, e rimiro :	I stay in the beauty and I look
Ne ho veduto già tante, e poi tante,	and i've seen so many
Ma non trovo un giudizio, un sembiante	but i can't make a decision, nor find a person
Un boccone squisito per me.		who's an exquisite prey for my taste.

(Dico bene?) Son tutte papà		(Right?) They look like their dad!*

Per pietà quelle ciglia abbassate.	Please, those cast down eyes
Galloppando sen va la ragione		make me lose my reason
E fra I colpi d'un doppio cannone	and trapped in the shots of a double cannon
Spalancata la brecchia è di già.	I feel that I'm giving in.
Vezzosa! Graziosa! Son tutte papà	Charming! Pretty! They're just like their dad!*

(Ma al finir della nostra commedia	(But at the end of our comedy,
Che tragedia quì nascer dovrà!)		what a tragedy will be born!)

* note:The sentence is not perfectly clear neither for an italian...

Translation: 1999 Ferdinando Boccazzi Varotto

Sheet Music/Scores:
Anthology of Italian Opera - Baritone. Published by Ricordi. Available at and
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