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from Act III of the Italian opera Andrea Chénier by Umberto Giordano
Libretto: Luigi Illica

Role: Charles Gérard, a servant, later a revolutionary leader
Voice Part: baritone       Fach: dramatic baritone
Setting: The Revolutionary Tribunal.
Synopsis: Chénier has been arrested and Gérard asks Incredibile if Maddalena has surfaced. Incredibile responds no, but with Chénier in prison it will not be long now. Gérard prepares to write the indictment against Chénier as an "enemy of his country." He begins, but stops as he realizes his discontent with the Revolution and all that it is.
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Jonathan H. Ward (added 1999-04-06)
Nemico della Patria, Gérard's aria from Andrea Chénier

Nemico della Patria?! 				An enemy of his country?
È vecchia fiaba che beatamente 			An old fable that gladly
ancor la beve il popolo. 			the public still swallows.
Nato a Costantinopoli? Straniero! 		Born in Constantinople?  A foreigner!
Studiò a Saint Cyr? Soldato! 			Studied at Saint-Cyr?  A soldier!
Traditore! Di Dumouriez un complice! 		Traitor!  Accomplice of Dumouriez!
E poeta? Sovvertitor di cuori 			A poet? Corruptor of hearts
e di costumi! 					and of traditions!
n dì m'era di gioia 				Once I lived happily
passar fra gli odi e le vendette, 		in the realm of hatred and vengeance,
puro, innocente e forte. 			pure, innocent, and strong.
Gigante mi credea ... 				A giant, I believed myself!
Son sempre un servo! 				I am still a servant...
Ho mutato padrone. 				I've only changed masters...
Un servo obbediente di violenta passione! 	a slave to violent passions!
Ah, peggio! Uccido e tremo, 			Ah, worse!  I kill and tremble,
e mentre uccido io piango! 			and while I kill, I weep.
Io della Redentrice figlio, 			I, a son of the Revolution,
pel primo ho udito il grido suo 		first heard its cry
pel mondo ed ho al suo il mio grido 		and joined it with my own.
unito... Or smarrita ho la fede 		Have I now lost faith
nel sognato destino? 				in that dream?
Com'era irradiato di gloria 			How illumined with glory 
il mio cammino! 				was my path!
La coscienza nei cuor 				The conscience of the heart
ridestar delle genti, 				to reawaken in men;
raccogliere le lagrime 				gathering up the tears
dei vinti e sofferenti, 			of the oppressed and suffering;
fare del mondo un Pantheon, 			making the world a paradise;
gli uomini in dii mutare 			transforming men into gods;
e in un sol bacio, 				and with a single kiss--
e in un sol bacio e abbraccio 			and with a single kiss and embrace,
tutte le genti amar!				to love all humanity!

Translation by Jonathan H. Ward (

Sheet Music/Scores:
Anthology of Italian Opera - Baritone. Published by Ricordi. Available at and
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