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Composer: Friedrich von Flotow
Librettist: W. Friedrich
Language: German|Italian
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti: not entered
Lady Harriet Durham (Martha) (soprano), The Maid-Of-Honor to Queen Anne
Nancy (Julia) (mezzo-soprano), Lady Harriet's friend and maid
Sir Tristram Mickleford (Bob) (bass), Lady Harriet's cousin
Lionel (tenor), Plunkett's foster brother
Plunkett (bass), a wealthy farmer
Die letzte Rose (Wui sola, vergin rosa) - Lady Harriet Durham (Martha) (soprano)
Jägerin, schlau im Sinn - Nancy (Julia) (mezzo-soprano)
Den Theuren zu versöhnen - Lady Harriet Durham (Martha) (soprano)
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