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Composer: Gaetano Donizetti
Description: lord and master of Lammermoor
Voice Part: baritone
Vocal Fach: lyric baritone
Cruda, funesta smania - from Act I, Scene I.    Extras: Translation into English by Anthology of Italian Opera - Baritone by   -
La pietade in suo favore - from Act I, Scene I.    Extras: Translation into English by
Cruda, funesta smania, Enrico's aria from Lucia di Lammermoor

Cruda, funesta smania		A cruel and bloody feeling
Tu m'hai destata in petto!	You have awoken in me!
È troppo, è troppo orribile	Horrible, too horrible
Questo fatal sospetto!		Is this dreaded doubt!
Mi fa gelare e fremere...	It turns my heart cold and anxious...
Mi drizza in fronte il crin.	It raises my hair.
Colma di tanto obbrobrio	Shame, shame on you,
Chi suora mia nascea! -		my sister! -
Pria che d' amor sì perfido	Rather than discover you guilty
A me svelarti rea,		of such a wicked love,
Se ti colpisse un fulmine,	To see you struck down by lightening
Fora men rio destin.		would be the lesser of two evils.

Translation by Guia Monti (
La pietade in suo favore, Enrico's cabaletta from Lucia di Lammermoor

La pietade in suo favore     	The compassion for her
miti sensi invan ti detta... 	inspires to you an unuseful pity.... 
Se mi parli di vendetta      	I hear your words only if
sol intenderti potrò. -      	you speak to me of revege. - 
Siagurati!... Il mio furore  	Oh, curses! fury
già su voi tremendo rugge... 	will descend upon you roaring...
L'empia fiamma che vi strugge	The impious flame that burns within you
io col sangue spegnerò !     	I shall extinguish with blood!    

Translation by Ugo Berardi (
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