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Composer: George Frideric Handel
Librettist: Aaron Hill, translated into Italian by Giacomo Rossi
Language: Italian
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti: not entered
Goffredo (contralto), General of the Christian Army, father of Almirena and brother of Eustazio
Almirena (soprano), daughter of Goffredo, fiancee of Rinaldo
Rinaldo (countertenor), a hero of the Christians, fiance of Almirena
Eustazio (contralto), brother of General Goffredo
Argante (countertenor), King of Jerusalem, lover of Armida
Armida (soprano), Queen of Damascus and a sorceress, lover of Argante
A Christian Magician (bass|contralto)
A Herald (bass)
A Siren (soprano)
Sibillar gli angui d 'Aletto - Argante (countertenor)
Augelletti, che cantate - Almirena (soprano)
Cara sposa, amante cara - Rinaldo (countertenor)
Cor ingrato - Rinaldo (countertenor)
Venti, turbini - Rinaldo (countertenor)
Lascia ch'io pianga - Almirena (soprano)
Abbruggio, avampo, e fremo - Rinaldo (countertenor)
Vo' far guerra - Armida (soprano)
Or la tromba - Rinaldo (countertenor)
Synopsis: not entered
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