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from Act II of the French opera Manon by Jules Massenet
Libretto: Henri Meilhac

Role: Manon Lescaut, a young woman, cousin of Lescaut
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: lyric soprano
Setting: Apartment of Chevalier Des Grieux, Paris, France, 18th century
Synopsis: Manon has been told by a nobleman that her love Des Grieux will soon be kidnapped by his father's men in order to get him away from her. She knows that the happy days they have spent in Des Grieux's apartment will soon be at an end and takes the opportunity to bid adieu to the table at which she and her love ate many meals together.
Range: Tessitura:
D4 - A#/Bb5G4 - F5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Robert Glaubitz (added 1998-09-12)
Adieu, notre petite table, Manon's aria from Manon

Allons!... il le faut!				Let's is necessary!
Pour lui-même!					For his sake!
Mon pauvre chevalier! 				My poor knight!
Oh! Oui, c'est lui que j'aime!			Oh, yes, it's him that I love!
Et pourtant, j'hésite aujourd'hui!		And yet, I hesitate today!
Non! non! je ne suis plus digne de lui!		No!  No! I am no longer worthy of him!
J'entends cette voix qui m'entraîne		I hear that voice that captivates me
Contre ma volonté:				Against my will :
"Manon, tu seras reine,				"Manon, you will be queen,
"Reine par la beauté!" 				Queen by your beauty!"
Je ne suis que faiblesse et que fragilité! 	I am nothing but weakness and fragility!
Ah! malgré moi je sens couler mes larmes.	Ah! in spite of myself, I feel the flowing
							of my tears.
Devant ces rêves effacés!			Before these obliterated dreams!
L'avenir aura-t-il les charmes			Will the future have the charms
De ces beaux jours déjà passés? 		Of those beautiful days already passed?
Adieu, notre petite table		Goodbye, our little table
Qui, nous réunit si souvent!		At which we met so often!
Adieu, notre petite table,		Goodbye, our little table
Si grande pour nous cependant! 		Yet so large for us!
On tient, c'est inimaginable,		One thinks that it's unimaginable,
Si peu de place... en se serrant...	So small a space...when we're embracing...
Adieu, notre petite table!		Goodbye, our little table!
Un même verre était le nôtre,		The same glass was ours,
Chacun de nous, quand il buvait,	Each of us, when it was drunk from,
Y cherchait les lèvres de l'autre... 	There searched one set of lips for the other...
Ah! Pauvre ami, comme il m'aimait!	Ah!  Poor friend that loved me!
Adieu... notre petite table.		Goodbye...our little table.

Translation by Robert Glaubitz (
Sheet Music/Scores:
Larsen, Robert. Arias for Soprano. Published by G. Schirmer. Available at and
The Ultimate Soprano Aria Album (Version 2.0). Published by CD Sheet Music. Available at and
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